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Rodolfo Saccani
Born in Rome on May the 25th 1970
Based in: Calco (LC)
Phone: +39 338 59 76 561
Twitter: rsaccani
Skype: rsaccani

Brief history:

Experiences and main projects:

Connected TV / consumer electronics / IPTV / set-top-box devices / Internet TV / Videoconferencing:

TVBLOB s.r.l., BLOBbox software platform, Milan: June 2006-Today
BLOBBox is a software platform for connected TV intended for the consumer market, designed to be ported to different platforms (Vweb, Sigma Designs, Broadcom, x86, ..) and a set of could services.
The set of functionalities is unique: support for multiple tuners, PVR, media player (supports DVB, UPnP, smooth streaming, apple streaming, rtmp, rtsp, http progressive, unicast, multicast, DRM), download/upload manager (torrent, http, ftp), podcast aggregator, EPG via internet, internet browser (Webkit/HTML5 with javascript extensions to control the PVR, download manager and other TV functionalities, compatible with GoogleTV applications), support for smart card, videocommunication.
The cloud services allow authenticating the device and the user, provide single-sign-on, allow the user to remotely manage the device via web or smartphone (manage podcasts, PVR, downloads and other services), allow communication between devices, distribute EPG data, provide payment management for third parties that offer services (this is an open platform), anonymous metering fo user activities, audience analysis, connection with social networks.
I have been in charge of the project management, coordinated about 30 engineers in various teams (operating system, hardware abstraction, system agents, java middleware, user interface, webkit/qt/qml/directfb, cloud services, web services, quality assurance, production administration). I started by creating a Quality Assurance team and infrastructure (it did not exist at that time). I planned public releases (one every three months), defined feature-sets, defined requisites for each component, managed the various phases of development, component testing, integration testing, beta testing and release. I activated a beta testing program and implemented an infrastructure for remote debugging, integrated and developed tools to manage planning in such a complex environment with dynamic targets, many dependencies between components, where each team has different needs. I related with chipset manufacturers and OEMs, managed the certification rocesses (HDCP, HDMI, DOLBY, DDP, CE) moving to China design and manufacturing facilities to quickly address on-site the most complex issues.
The platform is based on a Linux distribution developed and maintained in-house, the firmware automatically updates via internet and can be manually updated via usb. Hardware abstraction is performed by a multimedia engine written in C and controlled via socket through an XML API. System agents written in C and C++ provide services like file transfer with torrent, http and ftp protocols and interfaces with smart cards. A java middleware uses logic low level components provided by the engine (tuner, decoder, encoder, etc) and provides high level logic objects like a player or a download manager and also provides logic cloud objecs through the ICE framework. The middleware enables to build applications that define the product, these applications can be developed in java or in QT/QML. The browser allows free internet browsing and exposes additional TV specific objects like DVB, PVR, EPG, podcast. The web infrastructure includes a set of web applications for the device (youtube, picasa, shoutcast, flickr, miro, livestation, faucet,, drivecast, coming soon, gamesurf,, webtic and much more), a website for the product, a website for the remote management of own device, a forum for the users, a website for third party developers and also various web interfaces to administer the services.

This has been the most challenging and formative experience in my career. Projecting the inner complexity of a product into an easy and clear user interface for the TV user and bringing interactivity and Internet content to the TV UI and to the specific use patterns are interesting challenges.
The product gained extremely positive feedback both from users and specialized magazines, among which the nomination to gold product by the magazine “PC professionale”.

Avionics / Geo-localization:

Leat s.r.l.(Vitrociset Group), Experimental Avionic Systems, Rome: July 2000-June 2006
Development of the
GBAS (Ground Based Augmentation System) on board device. Receives differential correction data by VHF link, protocol conversion from ICAO to SCAT, management of Novatel RT20 unit, calculation of deviations from designed trajectory, management of cockpit indicator, recording of geo-referencing information by ZXtreme unit. Wrote a Linux device driver for PC104 digital to analog conversion board. Final customer ENAV. Flight tests performed in Milano Linate on board of ENAV Radiomisure jet aircrafts.
Participates to the Working Area 5 of the MFF (
Mediterranean Free Flight) project. The project aims to realize a distributed air traffic management environment, allowing a better distribution of air traffic by developing technical and procedural solutions. Participates to the design of the functional and operational specifications and to the design of an experimental on board instrument CDTI (Common Display of Traffic Information) for the aircraft separation management tasks (situation awareness, conflict detection and resolution, predictive ASAS, ASAS spacing, ASAS separation). Final customer ENAV. Flight tests performed with ENAV aircrafts based in Roma Ciampino and a flight simulator.

EMFIS (Electromagnetic Monitoring in Flight Interferences System) project, developed a software (Leat Flight Analyzer) to graphically display mission data showing the flight track over land cartography, replay of the flight at selectable speed displaying flight data (position, speed, height, heading), gps signal quality information, spectrum analysis chart. Developed using Visual Basic and Visual C. Final customer ENAV. Flight tests performed with ENAV Radiomisure aircrafts.
Participates to the
STENAV SIS-FTF project (Satellite TEstbed for NAVigation and communication services, Signals In Space-Fligh Test Facility). Design and software development of an on board device to acquire positioning information from Galileo UTP, on board GPS, geo-referencing differential GPS, gyros, spectrum analyzer. Design and development of a data post processing software to analyze in-flight data and to calculate quality parameters of the Galileo system.
Developed a
test-bed for GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System).
Development of
in-flight data collection instrument to collect GPS, EGNOS and flight parameters for later analysis. Uses DOS on PC104 hardware, developed in C.

Telecommunications / Networks:

Radio Marine, formerly Radiomarelli Multimedia S.p.A, Maritime Telecommunication Systems, Roma: May 2003-June 2006
Main projects:

In charge of the software department until September 2005, currently he collaborates as an external consultant.
Mediabox project (device for infield satellite communications), implementation of real time DIVX video streaming from four different video sources, H323 videoconferencing, web browsing, computing, file transfer, encryption of the communication channel and mass storage devices. Uses Inmarsat Regional Bgan for video/data channel and Thuraya satellite/gsm for voice channel. Functional, load and quality tests of H323 and SIP protocols on shared bandwidth satellite links.
MultimediaYacht project, design of a set-top-box for video and audio streaming applications, DIVX videoconferencing, web browsing, DVD, DVB, PVR, Video On Demand via HotBird for maritime use.
PlayTime project, design of a set-top-box for video and audio streaming (DIVX), web browsing, DVD, analogue TV and radio, PVR per maritime use.
Communicator project, advanced router for maritime use, supports UMTS, GPRS, R-BGAN, BGAN, FLEET, VSAT, IponDVB.
Technical solutions: preparation of minimal and customized linux distributions starting from scratch; various modifications to the linux kernel like usb booting, encryption and hiding of partition table; hardware tampering protection by software recognition of specific hardware components (brand, model, serial); modifications to DIVX codecs in order to minimize delay on variable bandwidth shared channels; encrypted VPN based on UDP protocol in order to optimize streaming, automatic remote sw update system; coupled two R-BGAN satellite modems in a single logical connection.
Main Customers: Ferretti Group (Ferretti Yachts, Ferretti Yachts, Itama, Bertram, Riva, ApreaMare, Mochi Craft, Custom Line, CRN)

Star Systems Italia srl, Ground-Radio-Satellite digital communication systems, Roma: January 2001-January 2005
In charge of the software development department.
Main projects:
T-Box project, design of a set-top-box for video and audio streaming applications, H323 videoconferencing, web browsing. Design and set-up of the Service Center to manage the set-top-box devices.
ENEL Power line project, design of a set-top-box for video and audio streaming applications, H323 videoconferencing, web browsing using the power line communication infrastructure, used in the power line experimental network in Grosseto(IT).
CryptoSat project. Design of a portable communication system for hostile environment. Linux operating system, satellite communications (Thuraya, Inmarsat R-Bgan, Iridium), H323 videoconferencing, email, web browsing, video streaming, encrypted data connections.

Comtech, Telecommunication systems, Monaco Principality: May 2000-January 2001
Software design of a voip phone device (voice over ip) based on H323 protocol with email, news, meteorological information and advertising banners. Uses a Linux custom distribution, developed using C, C++. Displayed at the SMAU 2000 fair as Touchtel. Comparison between H323 and SIP has been performed in order to choose which protocol was best suited for this project.

A2i s.a.s., Networking & Internet, Rome: February 1999-Semptember 2000
Systems design, configuration of Linux servers, development of network software with web interface.
Main projects:
Developement of a
gateway to route messages between the Orbcomm satellite network and an x25 packet network, with protocol conversion, routed messages archive and maintenance web interface. Uses Apache web server and MySQL database server on Linux, developed in C, JavaScript and Php3.
Design of a company
intranet for internal communication and quality control documentation management. Runs on Apache web server on Linux, developed using Java, JavaScript and Php3 .

Process control / Industrial Automation:

STAER s.r.l., Remote control & industrial automation, Rome: May 1999-July 2001
Development of firmware for a gas pressure reduction installations monitoring system in C.I.PRO. environment for PC104 architecture.
Development of RTU MPTS firmware (Multi Purpose Telecontrol System) in C.I.PRO. environment for PC104 architecture.

IOTA s.r.l., Process Control & Industrial Automation, Rome: February 1994 - February 1997
Employed as a
programmer. Real-time process control software developement using C and C++.
Participates in the development of the
C.I.PRO. real time process control development environment for C programmers.
Main projects:
Development of custom software in C for the management of telephone exchanges.
Functional design of three user interface devices for an intelligent house prototype, designe and development of a demonstrative software.
Design and development of a software to experiment via satellite control of the national gas distribution system.
Design and development of a software with graphical animated user interface managing a system of up to 320 protocol translation modems.
Design of a remote supervision system to monitor the activity of the ACEI devices (which control the rail traffic in the Italian railway stations). Development of a software/hardware demonstrative system.

Pharmaceutical industry computer consulting:

Pharmaceutical Data Services, CRO (Contract Research Organization), Rome: January 1998 - February 1999
(Italian branch of the American company Ingenium)
Employed as
Project Manager and Programmer Analyst, offers on-site consulting for pharmaceutical industry research departments.
Main administrator of the Windows NT and Lotus Notes network.
functional and technical specifications for clinical study management applications.
Set-up of the connection between the company network and the
Internet installing and configuring a Linux firewall with WEB and FTP server functionality.
Participated to the design of internal SOP.
Main projects:
Pfizer Italiana, Rome, October 1997-February 1999: Serves as project manager for a phase IV study clinical data management project.
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, London, December 1998: On-site consulting for the planning effort of a clinical databases migration process from Clintrial 3 to Clintrial 4.
Allergan Inc., Irvine, California, US, September-November 1998: On-site consulting for the Oracle Clinical 2.1 installation and validation effort. Review and update of internal SOPs.
InSite Clinical Trials, North Carolina, US, March/April 1998: Development of a Windows NT service to manage the optical documents information flow for a Clinical Data Management System project. The CDMS is a fax based system using OCR to recognize faxed CRFs. API programmingi for the integration among Optika FPMulti Imaging Systems, Cardiff Teleforms, RightFax fax server, Oracle server, IBM ClinWare Trial Reporter. Work performed in the offices of InSite Clinical Trials in Cary, North Carolina, US and at the Ingenium headquarters in Gulfport, Mississippi, US
IBM UK, London: March 1998-May 1998 - Development of the IBM Clinware 2 installation and validation kit . Work performed in the Rome office of Pharmaceutical Data Services and at the Ingenium headquarters in Gulport, Mississippi, US.

Ingenium, CRO (Contract Research Organization), Gulfport, Mississippi, US: March 1997 - December 1997
Employed as
Programmer Analyst. Mainly offers on-site consulting for pharmaceutical industry research departments.
Main projects:
IBM UK, London, October 1997-December 1997: Participates in the IBM Clinware 2 beta testing effort.
Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen, April 1997- September 1997: Offers on-site migration and quality assurance support (6 months) on over 100 clinical databases. Wrote a variety of SQL, SAS e Visual Basic programs to automate the process.
Lundbeck, Copenhagen, March 1997: Worked on data integration of clinical study data into a SAS database. Work performed at the Ingenium headquarters in Gulfport, MS, US


a2i s.a.s., GIS & CAD, Rome: 1997
Development of a CAD files encoder to allow the distribution of encrypted drawings, which can only be viewed using the related viewer.
FS - Experimental Institute: Participated in the development of a multimedia application based on geographical databases (ArcView) to evaluate the environmental impact of the construction of a new railway inside Rome.
Development of a scanner based document acquiring and archiving software.

CITEC s.r.l., Automation & Communications, Rome: 1995-1996
Design of PIC micro controllers based hardware and firmware development .
Installation, configuration and maintenance of hotel automation systems. Installation and configuration of satellite connections to the Internet for teleconference and tele-medicine applications (within the Hermes project of Telespazio s.p.a.).


Operating Systems:
GNU/Linux, Various flavors of Unix, Android, Windows(all versions), PSOS, VxWorks, MS-DOS

C, C++, HTML, Java, Javascript, Php, Android, Perl, Visual Basic, VBA, Assembler 6502/80x86/PIC16Cxx, Lotus Notes, SQL, Avenue (ArcView), SAS macro facility, Basic, Cobol, Pascal, Delphi, DBIII
API, DDE, OLE, Client/Server, TSR, Device drivers, Linux Kernel Modules, NT/2000 services development

Application Software and Tools:
Bugzilla, XPlanner, Eclipse, cvs, svn, git, pfsense, rsync, MySQL, Apache, Squid, Sendmail, Qmail, OpenH323, ffmpeg, ipchains/iptables, portsentry, nmap, cipe, ESRI MapObjects, IBM ClinWare, ArcView, Seagate Crystal Reports, Optika FPMulti Imaging Systems, Cardiff Teleforms, RightFax fax server, Base SAS, SAS/Windows, Lotus Notes, Oracle, Sybase SQL Anywhere

Education, certifications, professional:

Diploma of computer technician obtained in 1989 at State Technical and Industrial Institute "E. Fermi" in Rome (rating 52/60)
Class "Implementing GCP in 1997, Comparison between ICH, FDA and CPMP" - London, October 1997
Class "Oracle Clinical 3.1" – Irvine, California, October 1998
Class "CAVS (Computer Aided Validation System)" – Irvine, California, October 1998
Certified Linux Administrator by Brainbench, February 2000
Operator of radio station license obtained getting through radio-electronics state exam, Rome, July 1992
Member of ACDM (Association for Clinical Data Management) from 1998 to 1999
Professional knowledge of english language both written and spoken.